Bliss-fully Waiting Still

This is Not a Blythe Doll.
This is a Blyss Doll.
We are not so patiently waiting on Blythe.


Two more days have passed by and still no Blythe.  When the shop said free shipping I didn’t realize that they were going to make the poor girls swim here!



If I’m recording this journey  I guess that the first thing to note is: It takes time. I ordered all three of my dolls from Ali- Express, with estimated delivery times of 19 – 39 days.


Ali-express was the least expensive option I could find. I am paying $50 a piece for two of the dolls,which includes shipping charges. And $35 for the last doll I ordered, which also includes shipping charges. These dolls are advertized as ‘nude’ dolls, Brand name ICY, which is a Blythe knockoff. From what I can gather on other, older, Blythe Blogs, there has been plenty of discussion among Blythe enthusiasts in years past about the copycat dolls.  For my money tho, it is a no-brainer. I’m buying this doll as a creative project.  The doll itself is a canvas. And a canvas/clone at $35 or $50 will suit me much better than one at $200-300 which is the going price on ebay for a geniune, in the box, Takara Brand Blythe doll.

Shopping – I looked at Amazon, Ebay, and Aliexpress.  They had similar prices, free shipping, and delivery time estimates.  I chose to shop through aliexpress because there were so many more choices and reviews than on the other two sites. The listings in Amazon often said “Be the first to review this”.  Uh-no.  That’s just not something I want to be the first in, especially when waiting a month to recieve the product.   The copy-cat ICY dolls are often pictured with clothes in their profile pictures,  but  the sellers clearly state that the dolls are sold nude.  One can also choose a  body type, either fully-jointed or only partially jointed, with fully-jointed being a few dollars extra. I opted for a fully-jointed body for all three dolls.  I didn’t notice until AFTER I ordered my first doll that there was also a ‘boy’ type jointed-body option(i.e. boobless), which is what  I accidently ordered. I’m supposing I’ll just make her a flat-chested teenage girl.  I also noted that most of the reviews stated that when they received their dolls they were pleasantly suprised to find ‘extra goodies’ with them, such as clothing, shoes, stands etc. Maybe this takes some of the pain out of the long wait.   I’m anxious to see what little extra goodies my dollies arrive with!

A bit more on shopping –Two  of the dolls I ordered are from Blythe Homes on Ali-express. This shop has good reviews with some of the reviewers even posting pictures, and the shop has a 99% positive feedback score. The last doll I bought comes from  Fairytale Town Store on Aliexpress.  Her mouth looks slightly different in her profile picture than the other two I ordered, and the shape of her eyes didn’t look exactly the same, along with her face appearing shinier.  But the shop has a 98.9% positive feedback, she had the short purple hair that I was looking for, along with happy customer reviewer and pics,  so I took the plunge and ordered her also.

So – here is what I am waiting for………

First doll, Short Brown Hair, flat chest- was ordered Feb 13- Today makes 23 days.

Second Doll, Floor Length Pink Hair- was ordered Mar 3- Today is only 5 days.

Third Doll, Short Purple Hair,  was only ordered on Mar 6 –  it’s only  been 2 day.

I know from reading the reviews that a month is the typical wait to for receiveing one’s order but that doesn’t stop me from hoping they will arrive sooner!!

While I wait-  In the meantime,  I’ve been experimenting with a mini Blythe-inspired polymer clay doll of my own.

I call her Blyss.  Aly Blyss.


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