What’s A Girl To Do While Waiting For Her Blythe Life to Begin

As of the 14th, the first doll I ordered made it as far as Los Angeles.  That’s still 439 miles away, and one month and one day since I placed my order.  I’m pretty sure that patience isn’t the natural state of any of us. But I may be in the top 10% of the MOST impatient people.

Here’s what I’ve been doing to pass the time.

WARNING! THIS IS NOT A HOBBY WITHOUT HAZARDS!  To help pass the time, I’ve been surfing the web for information on customizing a Blythe doll. The most disconcerting piece of information I’ve learned is that carving into and sanding a Blythe’s face is not exactly safe. In fact it’s quite hazardous.  Gloves, masks, and respirators are advised if one doesn’t want little pieces of toxic plastic to lodge in one’s lungs.  Wet sanding is highly advised as it can contain a lot of the nasty stuff and keep it from getting airborn.   SO, now I am GRATEFUL for the time it’s taken for my doll to arrive. Had she arrived quickly, I may have just begun carving without knowing.

GO AHEAD AND JOIN A FACEBOOK PAGE OR START ONE OF YOUR OWN –  The other thing I’ve been doing is joining Facebook pages related to Blythe.  So far I’ve joined “Customized Blythe Dolls and Tutorials”, “Blythe World”, “Blythe Doll Collectors U.S.A.”, “Blythe Sews!”, “Blythe Info.(Uncensored)”, “BLYTHE ARTISTIC”,  and “Blythe Vogue”.   Yep, I’m a joiner.  This lets me see a lot of other Blythe-a-holics and the dolls they are making and get advice about making the dolls. I get to see others goofs and hopefully not repeat them.  All the pages have their own personality, some are for posting items for sale and some are expressly NOT for posting items for sale. I’m thinking about starting a page I will call  “Southern Utah Blyth-a-holics”.  It would be nice to find other Blythe lovers – or….. maybe not. I kind of feel like the  crazy cat lady, or in my case the ‘crazy Blythe lady’.  I know I’m not realy crazy but I’m not so sure about the sanity of every other Blythe lady out there.

USE ANY MEANS AVAILABLE TO MAKE A DOLL –  My chosen medium is polymer clay. I’ve been busy making a middie sized Blythe inspired doll I call Blyss.  Actually I’ve made several.   It’s been very instructive to try out differnt mouths and noses and faceups.

ORDER MORE DOLLS – AAAGGHH! YEP! I DID! –  I ordered a long-haired, Red head on ebay. ($65) and a Light pink-haired Middie Blythe(my first middie!) from ali-express($35). It really doesn’t make them get here any faster. DARN IT! I’m now waiting on a total of five dolls to arrive. And the sad part? The longer I wait the more I like they faces that they are coming with!  I’ve seen some bad jobs done and I’d  realy hate to ruin a face.  It’s going to take some courage to start customizing on that first doll.

Well, that and taking my dogs for long walks pretty much sums up my time.  I really Can’t wait for my doll to get here.  Only, of course, I CAN wait. Because obviously, I have no choice.






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