• Oh, MY! I’m hooked.  I’ve been waiting now since  February 13th(the date I ordered the first doll).  And today is March 20th. Funny thing though, the one that arrived is the one I ordered on March 2nd. = So She only took 18 days from order to arrival. The first one I ordered still has not arrived although it’s tracking says that it is now in the country. And to add to the mystery.  They were both ordered from Blythe Homes on Aliexpress, and both the same price of $50.

So here she is, in all her Moonlit Glory- she came with a name tag that says Moonlight. But I keep calling her Moonshine instead. I’m afraid she’s stuck with Moonshine. I’m really hard to train.

I chose some fabrics to make her dresses. For now she’s in a house frock, and looking as if she’s feeling all shy and out of place, though I’m trying to make her as comfortable as I can.

I’m wondering if she’s heard that she came to this country not only for adoption but also for an operation, i.e. that I was planning on changing her smile? And  I wonder if she  also knows that she looks so great just the way she is that it’s going to be way beyond hard to even think of changing her. Maybe when the next girl arrives I’ll feel differently.  Wow! Who knew?  I certainly never thought that I could like a doll this much. Is this what crazy feels like?


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