The Importance of MSC in Customizing A Blythe

I mentioned in an earlier post that I probably wouldn’t use the Mr.Super Clear Matte sealer again because of its extreme nastiness and health warnings.  Well, I’ve done an about face on that.  After I finished the original can that I had bought ( it was able to do 3 dolls) at a cost of about $20 if I remember – bought on eBay and took weeks to arrive, I decided to try a matte acrylic spray readily available at Joanne and/or other craft supply places in America .  I tried 3 different clear matte sealer sprays.  Not one of them came close to the look of Mr. Super Clear.  The picture above you can see the difference.  The face plate on the left is NOT MSC and has a wet shiny appearance which detracts greatly in photographing a Blythe. So I’m resolved to using  MSC. However,  I have now bought the more expensive $30 mask for spraying , which is only done outside in the open garage.


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