Why Blythe?

Nothing ever stays the same.  My first steps into doll fashion, knitting for dolls, led me here—to all things Blythe.

You see, As I googled my way through pics of dolls of all kinds while making my knitting patterns I kept bumping into a Doll that out-pizzazzed all the rest.


Blythe kept  peaking out at me from all the strangest places. When Blythe was in the picture,  I saw the doll first and her outfit second.  Others pics were always  of a pretty dress on a doll. Blythe, however, made her debut as  -The Dazzling Doll -in the dress.

If I had to be a doll- I would HAVE to be Blythe.

So What’s this blog about?  THIS BLOG IS ABOUT BLYTHE AND ME.  Where we begin, where we are going, and ultimately where we end up.  I’ll try to share with you all things Blythe,  where I find her and when and how I re-make her and where we go and what we do.

If you are just beginning to become intrigued yourself by this quirky  cherub  whose Blythe spirit resembles a piece of little girls everwhere- you are welome to walk with us. Blythe and I will endeaver to be good company.